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Medical Massage By Michelle

Being A Blessing To Others, One Massage At A Time.


301 E. Stroop Rd.Kettering, Oh 45429

What is Structural Joint Balancing?

Structural Joint Balancing achieves balanced equilibrium and proprioceptive awareness through dynamic kinesthetic stability and movement. Which in turn, enhances efficiency and performance to thrive in daily life and/or athletics….Athletes call this “The ZONE”

Structural Joint Balancing is about Creating Symmetry throughout the Cranium and 4 Keystones of the Body Structure with awareness to the emotional aspects of the Autonomic Nervous systems to eliminate secondary neuromuscular asymmetries.

What is VOILÀ?

VOILÀ Method of Structural Joint Balancing is new innovative way of helping the body in healing itself. VOILÀ is a Structural assessment and treatment tool to assist the practitioner in saving time. VOILÀ quickly and efficiently finds the areas in need of improvement which are causing the loss of Equilibrium forcing the body to adapt and overcome these deficiencies of movement within the human structure.

VOILÀ session

VOILÀ is a very gentle massage of the cranial bones added with breathing work to help realign the body and relax the nervous system while simultaneously relaxing the muscles of the body.

For more information visit VOILÀ and